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The point is the information and if he's not sharing bad info I don't see the problem other than the fact that you and I have differences in taste. Dakota johnson nude photos hacked. Everyone else has to prove they are not secretly a jerk trying to pull one over on the nerds. Naomi sexycyborg wu naked. The only people I feel safe around by default are those who so obviously have something wrong with them that I know that we must share the experience of being crapped on.

Then you have competent people who arnt sexy thinking - hey that's not fair, she is using an asset I don't have to gain viewership. Your instincts to run away are spot on.

I was scared and embarrassed shitless because I was homeless. EliRivers 6 months ago. Speaking personally, I'm a straight man, but if sexyengineer ever shows up, I would have zero problems with that. Why should nobody have to defend herself against that? Most people didn't like us, so we held our noses, lowered our standards, and made do with liking each other.

Wu displays her LED-lit skirt, a design which went viral on Reddit. If absolutely everyone just keeps to themselves and has their own standards of right and wrong, no sense of community ever has a chance of forming. Her projects largely feature wearable tech geared toward women and are open source, as she encourages sharing and building upon her work. Hd japanese lesbian porn. Please login or register. There are other interesting examples along your example of sexyengineer.

Newsletter Signup Form Stay up-to-date on all the latest news from the 3D printing industry and receive information and offers from third party vendors. When I look at a video like this, I don't just see an attractive woman, I see a hacker: One of the recurring problems I see is everyone thinks their personal experience is representative.

This is actually very comical in the foodie world, there are well known sayings about cooking shows where you can tell within seconds what kind of show you're watching by either seeing a lacy lingerie bra or a dirty apron, although they're all categorized as "cooking" shows.

I build everything myself. I had a similar experience as Naomi. Maybe the response should be- "yeah, so?

Naomi sexycyborg wu naked

I can do better—and I will. Naomi Wu wrote about why she dresses this way in her FAQ: In the last two years or so, much of the funding has been redirected to Makerspaces causing similar problems and VR tech. PR companies have the opinion that sex sells, so if someone in a technical conference is overtly oversexualized, that makes me suspicious of their true motives.

Why should someone's fashion choices tell us anything about their technical ability? Making — Some people are welcome, some are not. Wu gives a piece of "inexpensive" tech to a kid at a Maker fair. You can be as sorry as you like, but that won't make the human track marks out there any more accepting, or me any more trusting.

That thing about Einstein is a complete non-sequitur.

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G7PSK on April 05, Men who have not harassed or seen harassment think it is rare, women who have been harassed feel it is universal and inevitable.

To be fair, in a lot of her videos she's wearing something completely reasonable for a workshop. Sarah adams nude. No, that's not accurate.

The article made front page news on New Years day with my picture. Was Einstein less trustworthy on the days he forgot his pants? Wu debuts boots with projectors in them at a street fair. Westerners just seem to get enraged over silly clothes. Female Makers- or Women in Tech are rarely featured in Chinese news, it's just not something that gets much interest and there is no community of like-minded women I can look to.

Sure maybe she doesnt have a phd in meteorology but she understands it well, and generally people would rather take the info from her than some fat guy mumbling about advanced meteorology.

There is no advancement and little training since the assumption is we will leave to have and raise a child. I fundamentally disagree with putting numbers on attractiveness, or even putting it on a scale, but let's say for the sake of argument that I'm not expecting a modelling contract any time soon.

Bromskloss 6 months ago. Is the setting of a carpenters workroom merely the background of a pr0n flick or is the carpentry the main point and the actor is merely there as voice talent? The point is the information and if he's not sharing bad info I don't see the problem other than the fact that you and I have differences in taste.

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I kind of suspect not, but the history is interesting! When it comes to the global maker community and the spread of desktop 3D printing among individuals and smaller-scale operations, tech enthusiasts come in all shapes and sizes. Naomi sexycyborg wu naked. You just keep your own opinion and mind your own business. Hot solo milf pics. And does she really need a Patreon account? I must have missed the tweets where Dougherty tried to destroy the career and livelihood of, say, Taylor Swift or Beyonce or Miley Cyrus.

The only people I feel safe around by default are those who so obviously have something wrong with them that I know that we must share the experience of being crapped on.

You can see that in the way Poonkgo responds when another player Onisan makes a joke out of it: NiHaoMike on April 05, One way of looking at it is we very poorly label and identify content in TV and online such that we lump personality and appearance shows in the same named genre. Don't have a problem with that phrase in a vacuum but in context of this discussion I find it highly problematic. Wu can dress how she wants in her private life and it's none of my or our business; commenting negatively on her private attire would indeed be slut shaming.

AnimalMuppet 6 months ago There are two issues here. I know there are some radfem who disagree with me on that point.

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